Project Description

Dr. Mohammed Majid was born in Hyderabad, India. After completing his BS in Agricultural Sciences from APAU University, he was encouraged to study medicine by his parents and older brothers. After graduating from medical school in 1984, he moved to New York and completed his residency training in Internal Medicine in 1992 from The Brooklyn Hospital. He then went on to receive further Fellowship training in Geriatric Medicine at Albert Einstein Medical Center in 1994. He moved to Indianapolis in 1994 and started a private medical practice with his wife, Dr. Tasneem Majid (Pediatrician), called Greenwood Pediatrics and Internal Medicine. They continued to operate under this name until the recent addition of dental services to the office, prompting the name switch to MedDent. Some of Dr. Majid’s favorite aspects of medicine include serving as an Indiana State disability examiner (verifying claims of disability) and a provider of Opioid addiction management since 2008. “The opioid crisis continues to grow in America, and addressing that problem needs to be a priority,” says Dr. Majid. He received training in opioid addiction therapy over 10 years ago and enjoys the impact his work can make in the lives of affected individuals and families. “It’s so heartwarming to hear patients say they feel like they have their lives back, and things like ‘Doc, you saved my life’.” Outside of the office, Dr. Majid loves working with his hands and taking on different projects around the house as well as in Real Estate. He is the President and founding member of a number of community service organizations. He loves spending time with his family and traveling, pre-pandemic. He also likes animals, be sure to ask about his chickens next time you meet him!